Red sunglasses



Looking for things that I would die to have, is just something that I do, every single day, in pinterest of course. But having the possibility of owning some of those things, is like making a “little dream/fantasy” come true. And that happened to me, last month. When i just had an idea stuck in my head, the idea of having a pair of sunglasses that was on my list of unobtainables… and Bang! I found someone selling them on ebay! I just couldn’t even think about the possibility of not buying them, because I knew, that type of beauty is not everywhere, It’s just one of those opportunities in life. (Even if I’m more like a “heels girl”). So what do you think?






Sunglasses: Linda Farrow X House of Holland // Heels: Forever 21 // Pants: Naf Naf // Shirt: Forever 21

Pics by Andy



Fresh start


A fresh start, a new beginning in something that means a lot to me: Fashion. And I know that you’re gonna say: Why the new name? Well, it’s actually because I have this feeling and this need to be different, and this feeling, tells me that I should do whatever I want with my blog, and this is the result; some conceptual photos, some fashion “look” photos, some inspiration photos and some obsessions that have been in my mind all this time. So let’s start!




Clothes: Forever 21

Photos by Andy



Just white

Well, I don’t have a big reason to explain why I put this picture with red, I just know, that I’m in love with this effect and how contrast with one of the biggest trend of 2013: Total white look (but with a touch of black) What do you think?


Aunque no tenga las razones exactas para explicar el color rojo en este último post, solo quiero decir que me encanta el efecto que esta produce en las fotografias, es algo extraño, pero que a mi gusto, contraste muy bien con una de las tendencias más importantes que nos dejo el 2013: Los looks totalmente blancos. (Aunque claro, no me podia faltar el negro) ¿Qué les parece?

2-white 3-white

Skirt: Vintage // Shirt: Gef // Heels: Zara // Bag: StyleScrapbook for Kypling

Pics by Andy



Look of the week

One of the strongest trends for next year is the Cut-out shoe, I don’t know if it’s because of that perfect union between the masculine and feminine, something like the tomboy look, but much more refined and more detailed when it comes to highlighting a woman’s body. But for me , they are the perfect shoes for 2014! Comfortable, versatile and with a unique touch to every look that we can create with them.

So jumping on this trend’s bandwagon, I found a pair of shoes at home that are literally for activities that require great physical effort, and for men! My joy was even greater when I saw they were my size, so they might not be a pair of Cut-outs per say, but from my point of view, they give of that refined tomboy vibe that I’m wearing so much lately. What do you think?


Una de las tendencias más fuerte para este próximo año, son los zapatos Cut-out, no se si es por esa perfecta union entre el mundo masculino y femenino, algo así como un tomboy, pero mucho más refinado, más detallista en cuanto a resaltar el cuerpo de la mujer. Pero para mi, son los zapatos perfectos para todo el 2014! Cómodos, versátiles y con un toque muy único para cada look que vayamos a crear con ellos.

Así que uniendome un poco a esta tendencia, encontré en mi casa unos zapatos que son literalmente para trabajos que exigan grandes actividades físicas, y además son para hombres! Mi dicha fue aún mayor al ver que son de mi talla, así que pueden no ser unos cut-out totalmente, pero a mi punto de vista, le dan ese aire tomboy refinado que tanto estoy usando en estos momentos. ¿Qué les parece?






Shirt: Vintage // Skirt: Naf Naf // Hat: Forever 21 // Shoes: my house

Pics by Andy



It’s all about make up!

As most of you know, I’m not an addict or, even less so, an expert on makeup, which, day to day, for me means getting rid of my “daily paleness”, which is my morning identifier. But faced with this limited knowledge of makeup, I couldn’t resist a wonderful invitation by La Foret, A renown makeup brand. Which taught us not only about their products, but also about great tips to learn how to do your makeup correctly. Although I didn’t take any pictures of this process, I did Find their blog, In which you will find all types of tips to do your makeup and learn how to take care of your skin!

And to add more surprises, as all of you know, tomorrow on “black friday” the day where the worlds brands have amazing discounts, La forte won’t be left behind, and will have all their discounts available for Colombia through their website: laforetcosmetics.com. Let’s go shopping.


Como la mayoria de ustedes saben, no soy una adicta y mucho menos, una experta en maquillaje, el cual día día, se basa en, “quitarme la palidez diaria”, esa que me identifica cada mañana. Pero ante todo este poco conocimiento sobre maquillaje, no pude resistirme a una maravillosa invitación por La Foret, una reconocida marca de maquillaje. La cual nos enseño no sólo sus productos, sino también unos grandiosos tips para aprenderse a maquillar correctamente. Aunque no tome fotos de este proceso, si encontre su blog, en el cual podras encontrar todo tipo de tips para maquillarte y aprender a cuidar tu piel!

Y para agregar más sorpresas, como todos saben, mañana en el “black friday” en donde las marcas mas reconocidas del mundo, realizan descuentos exorbitantes, y La foret no se queda atras, todos sus descuentos estarán disponibles para Colombia, mediante su sitio web: laforetcosmetics.com. A comprar!

5 6 7 8 9 11 12 14 15

¡Thank you so much La foret for the invitation!

Pics by Andy


Friday song

Sleep Party People

This is one of those song, that when begins, you know that it’s gonna be perfect. Perfect for the moment, for the feelings that gives you, for the rhythm, for right now.


Esta es una de esas canciones, que cuando la empiezas a escuchar, sabes que será totalmente perfecta. Perfecta por las sensaciones que te da, por el ritmo, por el momento, por todo!


P.d: And it’s all for the amazing musical taste of  John, thank you so much!